Green Tea Is Good For Your Smile

Posted Wed, 04/15/2009 - 3:33am by Fred Lee

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As if there weren’t enough good things to say about green tea, researchers in Japan have determined that in addition to it’s many potential benefits, it just might promote healthy teeth and gums. The study, published in the Journal of Periodontology, followed over 900 men between the ages of 49 and 59 and found that for every cup of green tea they consumed, there was a decrease in three key indicators of periodontal disease, implying better oral health.

Periodontal disease occurs when the gums and bones that support the teeth become inflamed, usually because of the presence of bacteria. Though it is localized in specific regions of the mouth, it is thought to be an indicator of other conditions in our bodies.

Indeed, periodontal disease has been associated with such chronic inflammatory conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke, and Alzheimer’s disease. Furthermore, poor oral health is thought to be directly related to atherosclerosis and preeclampsia in pregnant women.

It therefore goes without saying that the state of our teeth and gums should not be taken lightly. Besides regular checkups with your dental health professional, diet can play a significant role, and green tea just might help in that regard.

Green tea has been consumed for thousands of years throughout Asia, and is growing in popularity in this country. A staple in China and Japan, it has long been associated with a number of healing qualities, but it wasn’t until recently that modern science began to validate its therapeutic potential, including weight loss, cardiovascular health, and cancer prevention.

The reason for this is believed to be green tea’s particularly high levels of the tannin, catechin, which experts believe is one of the keys to its healthfulness. Catechin is a powerful antioxidant that is supposed to help protect the body from the damaging effect of free radicals. It is found in a variety of plants, including, of course, green tea.

In fact, green tea is said to have higher levels of catechin than many fruits and vegetables, including broccoli, spinach, carrots, and for that matter, black tea. The reason for this is because green tea is less processed. In order to make black tea, the tea leaves are fermented, and the natural catechin is subsequently reduced or eliminated.

So enjoy green tea whenever you get a chance. Besides the great taste, drinking green tea and be a calming and relaxing experience, with potential health benefits, to boot. And whatever you do, don’t take your mouth for granted. Look after your chompers and embrace a healthier diet rich in fruits and vegetables while avoiding excessive sweets.

Your smile, as well as your body, could very well thank you for it.




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